Saint Cyril of Alexandria

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It is not simple to write the biography of Saint Cyril of Alexandria, because his not much wellknown and honoured in Italy, while his writing is the object of study in the universities St. Cyril of Alexandriaand Catholic seminaries in the world and orthodox and after about 1600 years kept intact of their topicality.
After the edict of Constantine the big that he has allowed freedom of religion to the christians began to be spread much free interpretations of the Holy Scripture, even if stiff from men in good faith that he is followers words of the teaching of Jesus.
Then also the epoch in which he lived Saint Cyril was studded of more or less important heresy with very few or of many the followers.It was however necessary the intervention of the bishops to bring again to the believers the orthodoxy of the faith.
Cyril was the bishop of Alexandria and as such supported vehemently and eloquence in the Council of Ephesus, of which later on I will speak in detail, the thesis that the Lady was the Mother of God in contraposition to that of Nestorius that considers oneself only the Mother of Christ and in that reconciles the saint showed and he convinced the counciliar fathers of the holiness of the Lady as Mother of God making then condemn the thesis of Nestorius.
Still today his Christology doctrine is the base of our faith, doctrine that only a man of big understanding, culture and inspired from god is possible to enunciate, defend and propagandize. We must to his capacity if to Ephesus have been constructed one of the fundamental pillar of our faith.