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BY PLANE -There are three airports in the Milano area.  It is ok to arrive in any one of these three.   Malpensa has the most convenient connections to downtown Milano. (If you arrive at Malpensa you can catch the train "Malpensa Express" from the airport that takes you to "Cadorna" train station where you can then catch the subway.)
BY TRAIN - Milano has numerous train stations (marked F.S.).  If you arrive from outside the country you will more than likely arrive at the main station, Milano Centrale. - From the Stazione centrale (or also "Cadorna" in case you are coming from the airport) you should get the subway (Italian = "metropolitana"). (This is located in front of the train station underground.) -There are three different subway "lines" that intersect. There are convenient maps after the subway gates. You can go to where the lines intersect and then change to another line at no extra cost. (The tickets must be purchased at the newstand in front of the metropolitana gates, then "validated" in the machines at the gates.) -Your subway destination is "Porta Genova F.S." -At Porta Genova get a train ticket for "Sartirana" (62 km). Sometimes you can get a train that goes all the way to Sartirana, but most of the times you will have to change trains at Mortara  (20 km  from Sartirana). There are train schedules in the stations. -Once you arrive at Sartirana, you can walk the 4 km to Breme on a small paved road through the country side. You will need to ask directions for the shortest route by my friend of IP Gasoline Service, Mr. Massimo Torazza.
BY CAR FROM MILANO - Around Milano there is a "tangenziale." Look on a map to see where the "Nuova Vigevanese" is located in conjunction with where you arrive at Milano. Take the Nuova Vigevanese west. -You will arrive at Abbiategrasso, Vigevano, and Mortara. In all of these cities it is not necessary to enter into the city. The highway passes around them. -After you pass Mortara look for a sign to "Cozzo". (you can follow the signs to Casale Monferrato as well.) You will have to veer to your right at a Y in the road several kilometers outside of Mortara. -After you pass "Cozzo" you will arrive at a "round point" where you turn left following the signs to "Breme". Keep going till you see the sign indicating Breme. 
Time  km Instructions Direction  
0:00 0.0  Milano Malpensa Airport

0:00 0.2  Take S336 Turn Left
0:01  0.9  Follow S336 Turn Left
0:14 13.3  Nosate   To go straight on to   bridge of  TURBIGO   
0:18 14.9   Take S341 Turn Right  to GALLIATE
0:32  26.1  Follow S341 Turn Left
0:36 30.8 Take S211 Turn Left
0:36  31.5  S211 To go straight on
0:39 34.4   Garbagna Novarese    To go straight on
0:41 35.9  Nibbiola    To go straight on
0:43  38.7 Vespolate   Turn Left    
0:48 43.0 Borgolavezzaro  Turn Right   
0:51 45.9 Albonese   Turn Left 
0:56  51.0   Mortara

Follow S211 Turn Right
0:57 51.9   
To go straight on
0:58 53.0 S596dir To go straight on
0:59 53.7 S596dir To go straight on
1:01 55.8  Castello d'Agogna To go straight on
1:02 56.9  
To go straight on
1:09 63.3  Cozzo  To go straight on
1:10 64.4 
Turn Left
1:12 66.5
Turn Right
1:12 67.1  Follow S596dir Turn Left
1:17  70.8 
Turn Right
1:19 72.1 Breme


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