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My name is Flaviano Moro, born in 1940, now retired after 37 years of work in Milano as a project-designer in the following company : CEIET-SIRTI , CGE-GECo, ANSALDO.

My QTH is Breme (Pavia) about 70 km South/West from Milano; WW Locator is JN45HD

Breme is located in South West Lomellina, Pavia province, Lombardia region, a few km East from the Po and Sesia rivers.
Latitude : 45 07 37 North  -   Longitude : 08 37 27 East.
Altitude : 101m a.s.l. - The principal activity is a rice cultivation and vegetables; very famous it is the red onion of Breme De.CO.
The population is about 1000 inhabitants.
San Pietro Abbey was built in 906, more of 1000 years ago, by the "Novalesa Benedettini" monks. After 1543 the Abbey was occupied by "Benedettini Olivetani" monks until  1784 when was suppressed and transferred to the State.

I am married with Gianna; Silvia is my daughter, and Daniele is my little grandchild.

I began the Amateur Radio activity in Savona at the age of seventeen with the help of my friends I1DB - Pino, I1BJG - Sergio, I1KE - Virginio.

(SWL I1-10433).

After my examination, October 1960, I got my license as I1MOV.

I like very much Ham Radio, CW, DX, Geography, Travel, Computer, Qbasic, and Friendship.

I am ARI member since 1959, and from 2020 Top Honour Roll n.112, because I have more than 60 years of membership.   For six years I was a member of Comitato Regionale Lombardia.

My activity in Radio is normally on HF, but I enjoy also VHF, Satellites, Sporadic E, Meteor Scatter, Aurora.

I have about  92 000 QSO in mixed, 56 000 in CW.

Since November 2010 my QSO are in the LoTW program.


MIXED  : 356 / 340 Country confirmed - # 1 - TOP HR

PHONE : 355 / 340 Country confirmed - HR

CW      : 349 / 339 Country confirmed - HR

During my trips I visited : Austria, England, France, Germany, Monaco -Montecarlo, Spain, Switzerland, Lanzarote-Canary Islands, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA, Tahiti- Rangiroa-Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia, Fakaofo and Nukunonu Atoll in Tokelau Islands, Upolu and Savaii in Samoa Islands, and the followings Radio Club:

URE Arrecife de Lanzarote (Spain), RCA Buenos Aires (Argentina), QRM Belgrano Buenos Aires, LU1HYW Villa Maria (Cordoba), LU1QM Villa Mercedes (San Luis), LU3MAS Police Station of Mendoza, LABRE Sao Paulo (Brazil).

I got my license in Argentina as a LU/I2MOV and I am a Honorary Member, nr. 418, of LU1HYW, the Radio Club Villa Maria located in Cordoba province. The population is about 100000.

LU4HQM, Miguel, was the Mayor (Intendente) of Villa Maria city.

In September 1995 I have been to Montecarlo - Monaco for a few days as a 3A/I2MOV.

In April-May 2003 I have been to Nuku Hiva - Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia as TX4PG to commemorate the centennial of painter Paul Gauguin's death.

In February 2004 I have been to Nukunonu Atoll - Tokelau Islands,  as ZK3SB. 

In March 2004 I have been to Savaii Island- Samoa Islands,  as 5W0SB.

IS0/I2MOV - active from Sardinia - Dolianova near Cagliari - WWL : JM49OJ. 

QRP record QSO on 10 MHz CW : W0RSP QRP (4 W)

Ade Weiss from Vermillion-SD-USA

Distance between Breme and Vermillion = 7775 km

MS record QSO on 144 MHz CW : SM5BSZ (Leonidis - November 1998).

Satellite RS15 (LEO) record QSO on 144 MHz CW : WK3I - Richard Eshelman from Fort Washington, MD.

ES QSO in QRP (1.5 W) on 144 MHz : EA1BLA (SSB) - YO7DL (CW).

Aurora : QSO record on 144 MHz CW con: PA3FJY - G7RAU.

CW : QSO record on 50 MHz CW with: CU8/CT3FN - C56E - A45XR - A92IO - PJ7B - N1BUG - VP5/W5CW - PY1RO - LU5FF.

SSB : QSO record on 50 MHz SSB with: A92GR - ZS6CCY - PP5XX - LU5FF.

Awards : CDM - CHC - DGM - DUF EXC. - DXCC - IIA - OTC - RAEM - RCC - WAC - WAZ - WAIP - YASME SUPREME - etc., (about 300).

GACW member n. 487 - Grupo Argentino de Radiotelegrafia

Marconista member n. 58 - Marconi Club A.R.I. Loano

CTC member n. 164 - Croatian Telegraphy Club

SPAR member n. 151 - Society for Preservation Amateur Radio
SKCC member n. 15040 - Straight Key Century Club

RCWC member n. 989 - Russian CW Club


Grandmother Teresa (100 years old)

Gianna -  Silvia -  Flaviano




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