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New Replace theme!

With Replace! you can replace word and phrases into the files.

With the "Find" button you choose the files for the substitution, then you choose the destination directory, write the original text and the new text and click the "Replace" button:

If the checkbox "Copies .bak" is selected, Replace! made a copy of the files before the substitution. Replace! create a new directory in the destination directory with the name "bak_replace":

With double click on the grid you can also open the file directly.

You can personalize Replace! with the "Options" button:

The first tab is the control panel of the selectable files:

You can personalize the filters when you must choose the files for the substitution:

With the "Shell integration" tab you can add the links to Replace! on the windows' right click menu on the directories:

In the "Language" tab you can choose the language of the program:

In the "About" tab you find the product number for the registration:

With Replace! you can also find files and word into the files.

Replace! find word into some files' type that windows XP don't find!
(for example into the .pas file)