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July 2006

Replace! 5.01 - Connect-pc 2.01
   - Replace : fixed a bug in backup option (introduced in v 5.00)
   - Connect-pc : added "delay" startup option (for slow PCs compatibility)

Maggio 2006

Now all products are free!
So I'm asking you to download my software, try it, and if you like it please come back and donate!

November 2004

New Replace theme!

October 2004

Replace! screenshots on-line!

September 2004

Italian site is on-line!

August 2004

Replace! version 4.5 on-line! with:

   - shell integration
   - languages option
   - faster file search!

July 2004

Connect-pc!'s screenshots on-line!

June 2004

The forum is open for to help the users.

May 2004

The site is on-line! ;) .